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Recycling Resources for Horticultural Containers

Saving the Environment One Pot at a Time!

The HC Commitment

The HC Companies believes in the value of practicing a sustainable process through operations, manufacturing, and product development. By finding responsible recycling resources for our distributors, customers and visitors, we hope to enhance our ecological footprint. Sourcing sustainable materials is just the start to The HC Companies journey to a sustainable practice. By providing the resources necessary, HC’s goal is to bring better awareness to facilities that recycle horticultural containers. See the table below with more information about recycling facilities that accept large quantities of horticultural containers!

Where Can Large Greenhouses and Growers Recycle?

Commercial growers and gardeners may have an abundance of used plastic pots and trays that need to be recycled. But where can they take them? The HC Companies wants to make it easier for our partners to close loops and go green through recycling, so we have reached out to these recycling centers who are able to accept horticultural containers for recycling! There are many recycling centers thrilled to accept large quantities of plastic horticultural containers! Click the link to find the centers nearest to you!

Find a Recycling Center Near You!

Interested in Being Included on Our List?

If you are a recycler that accepts horticulture containers and trays, and want to be included on this list please contact The HC Companies for more information!

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How Can Individuals, Households, and Those with Small Quantities Recycle?

Your contribution helps whether its 2 pots or 200 pots! If you’re not a large grower, and you’re just looking for ways you can contribute, look no further! The best way to recycle your left over materials:

  1. Contact your local curbside recycling service provider and ask if they are recycling horticulture pots and trays with the specific RIC numbers you have.
  2. Contact the garden center or store where you purchased your plants and ask if they have a take back program to recycle the containers.

Every contribution makes a difference!

Prep your Containers for Recycling!

What Happens to the Plastic?

When the plastics get to the recycling center, the plastics are mechanically shredded into small flakes. The metals and other impurities are separated out. From there, the plastics are then sorted by density and by color into the different types of plastics. Once they are mixed, the plastic flakes will then be added into a larger volume of the same types of plastics that have the same qualities and properties. These post-consumer plastics are then purchased by companies, like The HC Companies, who are good stewards of the environment for use in manufacturing products. Thus, creating a “closed loop” process where the plastics can be re-used as often as they can be recovered and recycled.

The HC Companies Sustainable Products

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