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16.00 CM Round Co-ex Pot w/4 TagSlots


Our 16.00 CM Round Co-ex Pot is an ideal choice for greenhouses growing a variety of small annuals or perennials. Featuring four TagSlots, it provides numerous opportunities for retailers to communicate to customers with not only pricing and UPC information, but detailed caring instructions and zone maps as well. Offset printing is available for customers looking to brand their containers. Black.

  • Sku:XRD16002


  • Capacity Cubic Inches :140.36 in
  • Outside Diameter :6.29 in / 15.97 cm
  • Height :6.69 in / 16.99 cm
  • Maximum Liquid :2.50 qt* / 2.30 L
  • Quantity Per Case :200
  • Bulk Quantity :12,000
  • Weight :0.0606
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