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Which Black Wholesale Pot is Ideal for Cannabis Growers?

Posted on: January 19th, 2021

black wholesale pots

As any professional cannabis grower will attest, there is an art to successful cannabis cultivation and many times the results are achieved or lost due to your selection of growing containers. The black wholesale pot has been and continues to be a popular choice.

With a long history in the horticultural industry, it’s economical, provides excellent drainage, is compatible with automated systems and readily available where and when you need them.

While one might examine a black wholesale pot with some skepticism over any obvious differences, the reality is that while the containers might visually appear the same, their manufacturing methods set them apart based on durability, cost and overall use.

It’s important to remember that subtle differences in drainage holes, side-wall construction and more can directly influence how successful your plants thrive and eventually yield product for sale in the commercial market.

Here we will discuss the three most common manufacturing processes for black wholesale pots – injection, thermoform, blow mold – how they differ and why one is a more ideal choice over the other for cannabis growers today.

Injection Growing Containers

Injection containers are designed for strength and longevity over their blow mold and thermoform counterparts. This reality enables them to be reused, as well as the ability to withstand the environmental elements of growing outdoors for extended periods of time. They’re an ideal choice for growers who cultivate plants bound in resin containers (for some duration) exclusively outdoors such as ornamental trees and shrubs, and yes, outdoor cannabis growers. Injection containers are manufactured with thick walls and heavy bottom construction, featuring large drain holes ideal for outdoor irrigation. Injection containers are automation friendly as labor shortages continue to force growers to implement automated equipment to offset labor costs.

Bottom line – if you’re looking for a super strong, super durable resin container you can use outdoors again and again, injection containers are your choice.

Blow Mold Containers

Blow mold containers are the next step down in terms of strength and durability from injection containers. Many feature ribbed sides for additional strength, sturdy corners to avoid cracking and a wide base for additional stability when relocating plants in your operation. They feature side and bottom drainage – both high or low depending on your irrigation practices. While blow mold containers can be reused multiple times, their side rib construction makes them unsuitable for automated equipment due to denesting issues. However, if you’re looking for a large capacity, blow mold containers often come in sizes up to 65 gallons.

Bottom line – if you need middle-of-the-road strength in a larger size and aren’t concerned about automation limitations, blow mold containers are your choice.

Thermoform Containers

Thermoform containers are an economical solution for those interested in many of the features and benefits of traditional injection containers. While they provide some strength and durability – including being automation compatible – they’re not manufactured for repeated use in growing operations. Thermoform containers are ideal for limited growing applications and brief cultivations where the plant is grown quickly in a temporary container and eventually extracted and transplanted directly into the ground or a larger container. Thermoform containers are a solid choice for propagation.

Bottom line – an economical and automation compatible growing solution often used as a starter pot.

When shopping for wholesale black plastic pots, it’s important to remember that the way in which they are manufactured plays a vital role in how they will perform overall at your growing operation. If you’ve experienced issues with containers in the past, the problem might just be that you weren’t aware of the subtle yet dramatic differences between injection, blow mold and thermoform growing containers.

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