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Trays Flats and Sheets are an Important Part of Propagation


More novice growers sometimes question why using trays, flats and sheets are an important part of propagation. As Dr. James E. Faust, an Associate Professor at Clemson University, reminds us, that’s where the magic begins.

“Propagation is the most demanding aspect of growing plants. At this stage, the plant’s requirements are the most precise and the least forgiving. Mistakes made during the first weeks in propagation echo through the remainder of the crop, while a perfectly uniform tray of rooted cuttings makes life easy for the grower and profitable for the company.”

Choosing the right container for propagation is also critical and trays, flats and sheets have been an ideal choice for generations of growers, as explained by the staff at The New York Botanical Garden.

“Most gardeners use flats or seed-starting trays to start seeds. Most flats are made up of cells about 1-3” deep. This is too shallow for most mature plants to thrive, but excellent for starting healthy transplants. Gardeners use flats because they save space, are designed to have good drainage and are a uniform size that works with most gardening equipment, such as plant racks and lights.”

While commonly used for annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables, the cannabis industry has also successfully adopted this tried-and-true method for propagating large crops at their operations.

Here at HC, we have a full line of trays, flats and sheets which are manufactured exclusively from nearly 100% recycled materials and are available in a wide variety of cell configurations and capacities.

They easily de-nest for soil filling and rooting in automated operations, are consistently formed for overall strength and durability, feature uniform drainage holes and are carefully trimmed for accuracy every time.

With over 200 trays, flats and sheets to choose from, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for to help satisfy your propagation demands.

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