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4.00 XAZ04000 10 Count Low-Profile Tray – Short Side Orient

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The pre-assembled Low-Profile Tray improves efficiency and the minimalistic, ergonomic design speeds productivity and handling in the greenhouse while hitting sustainability targets with less material. The Low-Profile Tray is manufactured with recycled materials and is made from Polypropylene, which is widely accepted in municipal recycling programs.  This new tray’s design allows soil to easily fall through, and no soil gets trapped below the tray. Tag slots will be oriented to the long on short side depending on grower preference.

SKU #:LPX04007


  • Length / Width :20.62" X 8.50" / 52.53 CM X 21.6 CM
  • Height :3.00" / 7.62 CM
  • Quantity Per Case :48
  • Full Pallets :1632
  • Bulk Quantity :2200
  • Weight :0.38 LBS
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