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Marijuana Stereotypes are Being Combatted with Professionalism

As the legalization of cannabis across the United States continues, many growers often find themselves struggling against antiquated “marijuana” stereotypes, which have surrounded the industry for years.

Marijuana stereotypes range from scruffy looking hippies who spend more time being high on their own product than marketing it, while using run-down garages or dingy basements as their so-called “growing facilities”.

But as the popularity of not only medical but recreational cannabis proliferates much of North America, the industry is embracing a dose of professionalism in order to help eradicate marijuana stereotypes, there is a great post by Ohio Green Team that you can read to learn more.

For instance, trade shows have become more up-scale, being held at respected convention centers, while booths have adopted a more boutique feel and representatives and attendees are more tailored than casual in their appearance.

But it’s not only what you can see that’s changing among cannabis growers.

According to Youbin Zheng, a horticulture researcher at the University of Guelph, Canada, who works with cannabis companies, “As the industry has gotten bigger, they realized they must transition to use modern horticultural science.”

Commercial cannabis growers need to produce reliable, consistent offerings as they would for any other consumer products – following the rules for labeling and safety requirements as outlined by their individual state or country.

It may seem like a challenge for large-scale growers today, but many are turning to tried and true methods practiced successfully by commercial greenhouse growers in order to professionalize and optimize their operations. They include consistent record keeping, regular testing of soil and foliage, research, maintaining equipment and ongoing training for their staff.

Zheng adds, “Cannabis is just another crop. The commercial flower and vegetable industries have been working on the same problems for many years, and they have the technology already.”

While many practices from the commercial greenhouse grower easily transcends to the cannabis industry, there are unique circumstances that must be addressed with regards to light, water and very fragile root systems.

Science is helping large-scale cannabis growers to test and refine growing methods to further separate themselves from those perpetual marijuana stereotypes. Zheng adds, “More and more the scientific community and industry are directly communicating and sharing information.”

Cannabis growers are definitely doing their part to create a professional growing operation that in some instances revivals the greenhouse/nursery industry many are already familiar with.

By further leveraging the tools and techniques used by commercial greenhouse growers, the cannabis grower will change the perceptions of their operations from producing questionable products to those produced by licensed growers with the highest standards of quality.

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