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Posted on: January 19th, 2017

Dillen – a leading grower brand of The HC Companies – provides one of the industry’s largest selections of Horticultural Containers, Hanging Baskets, Propagation Trays, Plug Trays, Flats and more for professional growers.  Supported by Labeling and Multi-color Offset Printing options, you can create a custom package for your plants for vivid retail displays and plant branding.

Many Dillen product lines are made with reprocessed and recyclable materials, or alternative biodegradable materials such as Coconut Coir Fiber, enhancing Dillen’s commitment to sustainability and protecting the green industry.

With a broad product range, continuous innovation, reliable quality and efficient service, turn to Dillen and The HC Companies for solutions to keep your sales and profits blooming all season long.


From Saucers to Plant Support Cages and more, a variety of products to complete your growing needs.

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Eco Product

Environmentally friendly containers and products to enhance customer appeal and “grow green.”

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Hanging Baskets

For your unique needs, our Hanging Baskets are the industry’s broadest selection of sizes, styles and shapes.

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Inserts & Trays

Match inserts with Injection or Thermoform Trays to create an efficient growing system.

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Many Plug Trays and Flats in injection and vacuum formed styles, sizes, and diverse cell configurations.

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Round Pots & Trays

Meeting your needs, from co-extruded thermoformed round pots to injection-molded thinwall round containers.

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Specialty Products

A wide variety of unique and specialty products to help growers develop a market and marketing niche.

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Square Pots & Trays

Meeting your needs, from co-extruded thermoformed square pots to injection-molded thinwall square containers.

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Trays & Flats

Designed to optimize performance in automated handling systems – ideal for filling, growing, and shipping

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It's easy to find the right product

The HC Companies offers a wide variety of wholesale greenhouse, nursery and consumer containers. Find the one that's right for your business and request a sample today!

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