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Custom Branded Containers – The Growing Differentiator You Need


For nursery growers throughout North America, custom branded containers are often an afterthought. Daily challenges surrounding labor, regulations, pests, and diseases, as well as the environment, are heavy and unpredictable burdens placed on the shoulders of growers both large and small, which doesn’t leave a great deal of time to devote to creating or leveraging one’s brand. states that “Branding helps to identify a product and distinguish it from other products and services.”

But if the trees, ornamental shrubs, and plants nurseries cultivate for both commercial and residential consumption are predictably offered in black, plant containers (rather than branded containers) – just as every other nursery grower you’re competing with – you’ve done little to distinguish yourself in the market or to establish, and more importantly, to support your brand.

Branded Containers Matter

Custom branded containers matter at garden centers, big box stores, and retail nurseries across North America to promote a nursery grower’s brand while increasing sales. They are the most impactful marketing differentiator for your business. Additionally:

Custom branded containers can have a colorful design that supports your branding standards and often influences customer purchasing with a perception that your products are far superior to others on the market for increased perceived value. Furthermore, they afford an opportunity to provide education and information directly on the container – solidifying your brand’s stance as an industry expert.

Branding consultant and author Alina Wheeler once said, “Customers are reassured by brands that are recognizable and familiar. Great brand strategy is a basic building block of good business strategy.”

It’s time for nursery growers to prioritize their brand and differentiate themselves in the market. Custom branded nursery pots can be a cost-effective and impactful way to accomplish just that.

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