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Cannabis Fiber Containers Help the Industry Protect the Environment


Regardless of the industry, consumers increasingly share a mindset towards sustainability. They’re more sophisticated, educated and oftentimes armed with an arsenal of comparative information about sustainable products in the palm of their hands. Cannabis growers understand this reality and are now seeking cannabis fiber containers for their operations.

While patrons will rarely observe the type of cannabis container plants are cultivated in when purchasing the final product at a local dispensary, the mindset above is fueling conversations at the point of sale.

In a recent article on Green Entrepreneur, Future Cannabis Industry Leaders Will Focus on Sustainability and Social Impact, Peter J. Schmitt writes, “As sustainable and ethical business practices increasingly fuel consumer spending habits and investors’ decisions, significant competitive advantage is available to businesses that invest in sustainability and social impact efforts.”

Fiber Containers for Growing Operations

One way cannabis growers are achieving this is by utilizing fiber containers throughout their growing operations. But what are cannabis fiber containers and how can they help an industry striving towards sustainability?

Often referred to as molded pulp, cannabis fiber containers are created by mixing recycled paperboard or newsprint, water, fungicide to help prevent mold and a binding agent together to produce a fiber slurry. Molds are then used to form this slurry into a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the application.

It’s a sustainable and cost-effective solution for cannabis cultivation.

An ideal advantage of cannabis fiber containers pertains to the roots of the plant. Cannabis seeds are often started in much smaller containers to help control moisture. As growers know, avoiding root shock when transplanting is critical to a healthy adult plant.

Cannabis fiber containers provide an optimal solution for propagation, as the entire pot can be planted safely into a larger container (or the ground) without disturbing the root system, according to The composition of the container will decompose over time, allowing the roots to naturally expand in their new environment without any negative impacts to the roots, which can be calculated with the help of a carbon footprint calculator.

Additionally, cannabis fiber containers are automation friendly, breathe like clay pots, provide optimal drainage, are durable for hardy growing cycles, provide zero waste – no recycling required, are void of contaminants and are Certified for Organic Farming.

Schmitt concludes, “As society works toward a greener future, all industries will be held accountable for their environmental footprints. Cannabis businesses have an opportunity to make a difference as the industry evolves. Within this decade, we will see that the dominant business and brand leaders that emerge protect consumers as well as the environment.”

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